Walk the Moon cancels tour to focus on family

Walk the Moon are no strangers here in Columbus, having played tons of local shows and built an incredible fan base.

So when Walk the Moon announced that they’d have to cancel the rest of their Work This Body tour due to a family illness, it’s no surprise that everyone has responded with love and understanding.

The band shared that Nick’s father is battling Early-Onset Alzheimer’s and that Nick needs to spend time with his family right now. Alzheimer’s is an incredibly difficult disease to watch a loved one battle, and unfortunately it’s not uncommon. Walk the Moon’s Facebook page is currently filled with messages from fans who understand all too well the difficulties Nick’s family is facing right now.

To Walk the Moon, we want to say that we completely understand and respect your decision to cancel the tour. We love you for putting your family first and know that you’ll come back when the time is right for all of you.

Nick, please know that all of your fans here in Ohio are behind you. As incredibly dark and difficult this time must be for you, we hope that you and your family can bring some light and color to each other.

The only way out is through, and we know you’ll make it.


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