Vada gives the nod to Columbus in his newest video

Everyone’s got roots somewhere and rapper King Vada is acknowledging his with his newest music video, Money Fhone.

Even though Vada was originally born in Philadelphia, he grew up in Columbus and still calls it home. In Money Fhone, Vada takes us down memory lane with him and recounts growing up in some of the roughest parts of Columbus.

Clearly, Vada wasn’t about to let the everyday struggles of his neighborhood set the tone for the rest of his life. He’s worked hard to build his music career and is constantly recognized when he’s hanging out in Columbus. He’s got a ton of fans all around the world who are always waiting for new music from him.

And while he goes by King Vada, it’s not a name that comes out of ego – quite the opposite actually. Instead, it stands for ‘Knowing I’m Not God.’ Mind you, he’s pretty well connected to names like Rashad and J Rawls. Add in the success of his previous projects like MURDRxFLWR$ and The Measure, and you’ll agree that this king has earned the right to brag a little.

King Vada’s solid work ethic isn’t letting up anytime soon. His next video, Tec Jam, is scheduled to be released at the end of June. What some of Vada’s fans might not know is that he is also an amazing visual artist and is working on his first children’s book, currently titled “The Boy Who Tried to Touch the Sun.”


You can watch Money Fhone on YouTube and then check out all of his music on iTunes. You can give King Vada a follow on Twitter , Instagram and keep an eye on all of his upcoming projects.


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