Truslow making a name for themselves and Columbus


Out of the four guys who make up the band Truslow, two of them grew up here in Columbus and they have a lot of love for the city.

“Columbus is a very unique city in the sense that it embraces creativity and original ideas very well,” says James Truslow to The Lantern. He loves how the city embraces all kinds of art and encourages local musicians to go after their dreams.

While Truslow started small and local here in Columbus, they’re working hard to make a name for themselves. They’ve opened up for Twenty One Pilots a few times now and they spent the majority of 2015 touring around the world.

Truslow isn’t just in it for themselves though. They have something more meaningful in mind. “Our goal is to just write the best we can and get people to gravitate around the music and find their identity,” Truslow told The Columbus Dispatch.

They describe their music as anthemic and pop-rock, but you’ll get a flavor from rock to ballad with Truslow. You can listen to their EP called Hurricane on their BandCamp page.


Truslow’s new EP!. It’s called Hurricane, and you can buy it on iTunes for $4.95! Or more if you want, because you love supporting local music.

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