The Saylor Releases Summer Banger “It’s Fire” With Accompanying Music Video

Summer is in full swing, and that means summer 2017 musical hits are here to stay.

Pop and EDM production guru, performer, and singer, The Saylor, treated listeners with a summer anthem single, It’s Fire, over the Fourth of July weekend. It’s Fire is already past the 10K views mark on YouTube, and is garnering significant attention for both the song and the music video.

When asked what inspired him to produce “It’s Fire,” The Saylor commented, “When we were making the song, we honestly wanted to make it sound like the fire emoji… and I think we accomplished that.”

It’s Fire is an undoubted summer banger, drawing on energetic, enchanting, and party anthem elements, forcing the listener to get on their feet and just start dancing. When asked about the songwriting process for the new single, The Saylor stated, “For me, it’s all about finding catchy melodies and then inserting the lyrics. I’m making straight up pop music now and it’s fun to really get out there experimenting with new sounds.”

The Saylor certainly delivered. One of the main instruments in the single is a kazoo. The fire choir is simply The Saylor doing 15 different harmonies with the little pocket-sized instrument.

It’s Fire is the result of collaborative efforts between The Saylor and Scott Griffin from Kid Runner. Scott produced all of the other singles coming out this summer, and according to The Saylor, is one of the most talented producers he has ever had the pleasure of working with. “We have pretty dope chemistry, so much so that we can get a song done in close to 10-minutes. We met, decided to jam, drank a bottle of Makers Mark, and made It’s Fire – in that order.”

Following the success of It’s Fire, The Saylor plans to release three more singles this summer, leading up to an album drop sometime during the fall. To complement the hype around It’s Fire, a brewed beer called IT’S FIRE IPA came out with the new single. But, to fan’s dismay, the limited edition beer is already gone.

By day, The Saylor works at a day job in sales and marketing. By night, he assumes the role of The Saylor, and is constantly working to plot his next musical move.

The Saylor will go on tour this fall to promote his new album. Stay tuned for official dates.

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