“Reflections Before the Journey Officially Begins” sound good?

After a super long flight, I’m in Thailand now! Words can’t express how excited I am to explore this unchartered South Asian country. There’s so much that comes to mind when you hear the word Thailand, and I’m on a mission to uncover the country’s hidden gems. I’m presently staying in hostel and have already met cool people. I’m excited for my journey ahead.

I’m going to be honest; I have a lot on things on my mind right now. I was a little bit emotional upon my arrival. I left my family, my friends and my community behind. Every time I think I about it, a tear falls so easy from my eyes. Even though I said I would be gone for one year, I don’t know how long I will actually be away. I got a one-way ticket and my backpack. It could be 1-year or 5-years. One thing’s for certain: I will definitely visit home in between it all. I will share my journey through writing, pictures and video. I’m not video person, but I will go out of my comfort zone so you see me and hear my voice as I travel around the world.

Before I get to writing about the beautiful scenery that awaits me on my travels, I will devote these first few blogs to talking a little bit about myself. But I promise: I will share all the cool places I will be visiting.

I was born in Somali after the civil war and migrated to Kenya. It felt like home in Kenya, and that is where I began my schooling. I moved to the U.S. about 20-years ago. So much had happened in my life. I lost both of my parents at young age and I raised 4 of my siblings. I had to give up partying so I could be a role model for all of them. The youngest was 4 and now she is 18. Like I always say: everything happens for a reason.

Whilst in the United States, I lived in Columbus/Hilliard, Ohio for 17 years. I was amazed by how much support we received from the community. I’m so grateful for all of the love. My community inspired me to dream big. I promise I will give it back to you and to the world.

One of my biggest goals is to bring people together through regales of their faith, color and nationality. Everything I did was related to the music company Flick Artist, the coffee shop Kitamu Coffee, or the youth project UKUWA. It was all to bring people together for one common goal, even if it’s to provide clean water to kids in Africa and around the world, while helping their community, too.

It will take me sometimes to adjust and get used to this traveling lifestyle. I’m going to be a little slow for posting these initial blogs. Bear with me! I can’t wait to share my next adventure with you here.

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