Public takes pride in being unsigned

Hailing from Cincinnati, the three guys behind Public understand the importance of working hard to make it. They’re currently unsigned and they take pride in that fact, promoting themselves as #yourfavoriteunsignedband on Twitter.

Public also gets the importance of promoting fellow local bands, as they’ve been known to give a shout out to other Ohio artists like Automagik and Jane Decker. It’s always nice to see the close-knit community of musicians cheering each other on.

The other group of people Public cheers on is their fans. They fondly refer to their fans as The Dot Tribe, and are constantly retweeting their fans or even wishing them a happy birthday on Twitter.

When asked about their fan base, the guys of Public couldn’t help but rave. “They’ve taken care of us from the beginning, and we can’t thank them enough. Literally they are the greatest,” they told Garage Music News.

All of the hard work that Public is putting in is definitely paying off. They’ve opened for a whole slew of big names now: Walk the Moon, Neon Trees, MisterWives, and even Twenty One Pilots. If Public keep ups this way, their Dot Tribe will be growing crazy fast every day.

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