Prince leaves his legacy behind

Everyone from Obama to Justin Timberlake to everyday fans is reeling from the sudden passing of Prince. He’s been a staple in pop culture for so long now that it’s hard to believe he’s not here anymore.

Prince’s career began in the 1980’s and he carved a niche for himself even at a time when artists like Madonna and Michael Jackson were ruling the charts. While he did stay out of the spotlight for a little while, he returned strong with unforgettable performances at the Grammys in 2004 and the Super Bowl in 2007.

Prince was an incredibly talented musician who was able to play nearly any instrument you gave him. When it came to his music, he wrote, he sang, he produced… he pretty much did it all. Prince also acted, most notably in his film ‘Purple Rain.’

While Prince won seven Grammys and an Academy Award throughout his career, the legacy he leaves behind is so much bigger than that. Prince lived life on his terms, showed the world his creativity, and then inspired the world to do the same.

Rest in peace Prince. Thank you for everything you shared with us.

PS: If you’re here in Columbus, Gateway Film Center is holding a free screening of Purple Rain on Monday evening as a tribute to Prince. You can find more information about tickets on Facebook.





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