Music Is…

Now there’s a wall between us, somethin’ there’s been lost
I took too much for granted, I got my signals crossed
Just to think that it all began on an uneventful morn
Come in, she said I’ll give ya
Shelter from the storm
– Bob Dylan

Music is our voice, our connection, and the shelter for our soul.

It creates hope and provides an avenue to understand the power of love. In our most critical moments, we can point to music and its impact. We reference the moments of our lives through the songs that were being played. We remember the artist who understood us and through their music told us that we weren’t alone. They were a lifeline in our darkest moments and provided the soundtrack to our greatest events. Music is inspiration to the soul.

Music remembers loved ones lost and the love we have deep within us. The artist finds a way to tell the world how we feel. They sing to give voices to the voiceless. Music has changed societies, governments, and the individual.  Music is strength to the soul.

Music is our shelter in times of trial, in times of testing, and in the battle with resistance. Music is our brother, our sister, our constant companion who when drowned by the noise of this world, resides within the comfort of our minds to inspire, challenge, and connect us to a greater reality.  Music is drive for the soul.

Music allows us to ignore all that society and people deem to be proper as it allows us to dance in pure joy.  It encourages us to forget about who is watching and express ourselves in movement, mind, and melody.  Music is joy for the soul.

Music is a rejuvenator for our hearts when we need a spark.  It pushes us during our workouts or at the end of a long week.  Music is critical and a key component to a greater life for us all.

In today’s world, we face the dangerous practice of formulated and business driven music that is made for profit and not people.  However, when things get dark, light refuses to be extinguished.  Local artists are fighting for their rightful place as the voice and the connector of generations.  Visionaries, such as Flick Artist, have taken to social media to fight the battle for our souls and connect us with those artists who share their gifts and take risks as the valiant voices for us all.

Music is worth it.  Music represents Hope.  MUSIC makes us RISE!  MUSIC IS POWER!

By: Brian J. Lidle

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