Kid Runner is working towards larger audiences

The five members of Kid Runner aren’t running out of things to do anytime soon. Drew, Scott, Bobby, Kurt, and Frances all have regular nine-to-five jobs that keep them busy. With any free time they have, they’re working as hard as they can on Kid Runner.

It’s a passion project for them, one they treat almost like a second job. So far, all the hard work is paying off. “Move,” one of their early tracks, was featured in the 2013 X Games, and then ESPN listed them as the artist to watch in January 2014. Now they’ve got two different EPs available to listen to on SoundCloud.

One of their newer songs, Different Kind of Love, has been picked up and remixed by David Applebaum of The Mowgli’s. While Kid Runner has been writing about some of the darker and more vulnerable things in life, their music remains upbeat overall.

With each track you can interpret your own way to change something, whether that’s about your life, a relationship, or something on a larger scale,” Frances told Columbus Underground.

No matter what direction their music turns, Kid Runner is definitely heading towards a larger scale and larger audiences for themselves. We’re excited to hang around for the ride.




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