Damn the Witch Siren puts on incredible live shows

This Columbus based duo hit the local music scene back in 2013, but they’ve already graced the cover of 614 Magazine and performed shows like FemmeFest and a TedX conference. Now Damn the Witch Siren is ready to tour the country and get to work on their first full-length album.

Bobbi Kitten and Z Wolf are making Damn the Witch Siren all on their own. First of all, they both play multiple instruments. Then they also produce, record, mix, and master all of their music. They even built themselves a little home studio to work in a couple of years ago.

Where Damn the Witch Siren has really been catching attention though is their live shows. Known to pull inspiration from acts like David Bowie and Alexander McQueen, their shows are full of crazy energy. According to 614 Magazine, they include “choreographed dance moves, seizure-inducing visuals, and a buzzing cacophony of 8-bit arpeggios and blunt electronic beats.”

Self-described as ‘witch-pop,’ you can listen to Damn the Witch Siren on their Soundcloud page or look for one of their zany lives shows here in Columbus.



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