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We write for you, then we all sing together! Your not alone in this messed up world.

You see, life is based on a whole spectrum of feelings and emotions. To only sing about pain and darkness would be to ignore the beauty and joy we all share as well. That said, different seasons bring about different tones. We live for the whole journey.

TRUSLOW is an Alternative / Pop / Rock band from the heart of Columbus. Having Just Released their second EP “Hurricane” July 12 of 2014, their loyal following seems to be experiencing exponential growth in response to the new material. With a successful first year behind them, selling out a handful of headlining shows and touring with Alt band Twenty One Pilots, The next year seems to be even more promising.

This four piece band brings positive energy to every stage, in hope that their fans may feel apart of something bigger than themselves.

“We are the guys who sing into microphones, push buttons, and hit stuff really hard in hope that the sound we create will cause a positive change. We are the face of something bigger.

We celebrate moments in life that deserve to be celebrated, and we raise questions that need to be raised. We do this as a desperate attempt to influence you, as a listener, to seek these answers, and know you’re not alone the journey.

We play music because it’s what we have to offer. We are a small part of something greater. The truth is, the four of us alone can only impact a certain number of people.


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