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Damn The Witch Siren

Damn the Witch Siren aim for sensory overload.

Inspired by the likes of trip-hop, 80’s pop, Goldfrapp, Nintendo, Alexander McQueen, and the theatrical aesthetic of David Bowie, Damn the Witch Siren is a unique brew of fashion, feminism, fur and fangs. In their short time together they have filled their cauldron with ethereal, punchy pop tunes bubbling over crunchy hip-hop beats and swirling synths. Their broad palette of sound all comes together with the sometimes sweet, sometimes nasty vocal stylings of the beautiful Bobbi Kitten. The Columbus, Ohio-based band hit the local scene at the tail end of 2013. After releasing their debut EP ‘Superdelicious’ in May 2014, they began to catch a lot of local attention for their zany, energetic shows that feature lots of dancing and maniacal vocal effects backed by synchronized lights and music videos. And a wolf mask.

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